RECHALP is a research platform of the  Faculty of Geosciences and Environment  (FGSE) at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) that seeks to engage researchers from multiple Faculties across the University. 

The goal of RECHALP is to support and encourage interdisciplinary research in fields of natural and social sciences in a priority study area in the Alps of Canton de Vaud (the Alpes Vaudoises).

RECHALP provides to researchers:

  • An  online geo-database of existing data from, and metadata on, datasets, projects, equipment, activities and scientific events in the Alpes Vaudoises. This unequalled resource provides an inventory of the science conducted to date and thus a context that adds value to disciplinary research. Such a context can support the development of new inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary research projects.

  • Descriptive notices of different environments and fields of study in the Alpes Vaudoises that allow people interested in working in the area to write proposal proposals for funding.

  • An  on-line forum to facilitate exchange between scientists, field practitioners and decision makers. This RECHALP “bourse aux questions” allows, for instance, practitioners who encounter problems in the field to direct questions to UNIL researchers who can then use their basic understanding of the science to propose solutions.

  • A virtual exposition, inAlpe, that introduces the research projects led by the University of Lausanne in the Alpes Vaudoises.


5528 documents are currently in the database.

How to use RECHALP

RECHALP user guide [PDF]

2016 – Inventory of the metadata in Social & Human Sciences

The RechAlp platform is opening to human and social sciences. The aim is to increase the transdisciplinarity of RechAlp. A big work to inventory all the metadata on datasets, projects and activities in the Vaud Alps will occurs in 2016.

Don’t hesitate to inform us about your projects and publications


The forms are for sending us or notifying us of the existence of data concerning the field of study which should, potentially, beadded to the RECHALP database, along with the descriptions of projects that arecompleted, in progress or upcoming in Vaud Alps.

The form for making data available sets out the various points of  code of conduct; to allow the authors to indicate their decisions as to the dissemination of their data.

Form for placing data at disposal (PDF)

The project inventory form is to notify a project covering all or part of Vaud Alps (from one to x points).

Project inventory form  (Word file)

Report missing data!

Please send us a short message if you are aware of any data missing in our database: